Water Power on the Sheffield Rivers Second (revised) edition
Edited by Christine Ball, David Crossley and Neville Flavell 2006
211 pages £10
The definitive guide to the history and remains of the water powered industrial sites of the 5 Sheffield rivers.

Water Power on the Sheffield Rivers.

A History of Roller Heavy Armour Plate Manufacture at the Sheffield Works of Charles Cammell and Vickers
Douglas C Oldham 2010
53 pages £6

A History of Roller Heavy Armour Plate-1

River Don Works Brightside Lane – Sheffield. The First 135 Years 1864 to 1999
Douglas C Oldham 2018
80 pages £6

River Don Works Open Die Forging

‘Wilson’s Piece’ Handloom Linen Weavers in Barnsley and their Cottages in the Nineteenth Century
Harold Taylor 2018
91 pages £8

Wilson's Piece Handloom Linen Weavers.

The Butcher Wheel Arundel Street, Sheffield
Oliver Jessop 2019
A study of a metal trades factory in association with Wessex Archaeology
65 pages £8

Butcher Wheel

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